Parasite Elimination Technology

We know that head lice is a problem that affects hundreds of millions around the world. We are developing a natural, effective, safe, and convenient solution that would eradicate the problem in a single treatment.



Head lice infestations are a global problem, with approximately 12 million infestations in children and adults every year in the United States alone! Despite the primitive nature of head lice, it is very difficult to eradicate them, and re-infestation is common. There are several distinct problems in today’s head lice treatment market…


ParaSonic’s revolutionary home-use device kills lice and their eggs in a single combing treatment that takes about 3 minutes. Short pulsed ultrasound waves generated by the teeth of the wide-toothed comb destroy the parasites. The comb simultaneously sprays a natural solution onto the hair, to augment the efficacy of the ultrasound and significantly increase the lice and eggs’ mortality…

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